A southern Eliza

A flowerpot was the inspiration.

It was cut down and turned into a very effective light hat.

It is so good to hear about the increasing population of Eliza light hats, and variations of Eliza light hats.

A number of people have made contact to say that taking on the task of making such a bizarre device was a challenge.

But having started, often with huge trepidation, it was not as difficult as it initially seemed.

The sense of achievement was itself therapeutic. And wearing a DIY Eliza gives enlightenment and amusement.

All power to DIY, eh?

Redlightsonthebrain Forum

A few people have asked to be put into contact with others making Elizas and Daffodils at home. I’m told that a forum is just the thing to allow this to happen.

So the redlightsonthebrain forum has been set up. It is set up as a free site, so apologies in advance for any advertisements.

I’m the Admin, but I’m a novice forum-user, so anything could happen….oh well, we can only give it a try. If it is a disaster, it can be removed from existence.