Cossack top / light pad instructions.

Instructions for making a detachable top for your Cossack light hat. It also can be used as a light pad, provided that you make it with gel-covered LEDS.

Further to yesterday’s post about Michael Richard’s clever addition to the Cossack light hat, we have now completed the instructions for the detachable Cossack top/light pad which you can download below.

Detachable Cossack top / light pad

The instructions for making a detachable top for your Cossack are close to being finalised.

The top, as with the Cossack itself, has a frame made from plastic-coated mesh.

It uses gel-covered 12V DC LED strip. The gel covering is really important because it allows the top to be used directly on the skin. If you get the non-gel-covered LEDS then your skin will be scratched and the LEDs will be uncomfortably hot.

Here’s the top resting on Michael’s sore hand. Note the gel-covered LEDS.

And here it is with the lights on.

The last photo shows the Cossack and its top shining together.

I’ll be posting the detailed instructions very soon.