Walking Poles

Australia’s ABC has a terrific article about waking with poles. It is very relevant to people with Parkinson’s as there is no doubt that exercise (raise your heart rate and really move-your-body type of exercise) protects your brain cells and slows down the progress of the disease.

Talk with a physiotherapist about your using the poles. If you don’t have done a physiotherapist, then talk with your doctor.

I use the poles for walking up steep hills – they really do make a difference. I can heartily recommend them.

Here’s a link to a delightful cartoon putting walking poles in an evolutionary context…

Author: RedlightsontheBrain

Redlightsonthebrain is written by Catherine Hamilton, a retired doctor on behalf of Light Ahead Inc, a Tasmanian-based not-for-profit organisation. Light Ahead Inc aims to help people to learn about neurogenerative diseases and the practical, safe and scientifically-based things that may be able to help. Part of this is to provide low-cost access to red light devices, hence the DIY instructions on this blog. All sales of the Coronet red light device support the work of Light Ahead Inc.

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