Parkinson’s in fiction

A friend has introduced me to the Joe O’Loughlin series by author Michael Robotham.

Joe, a psychologist, is introduced in the first of the series, The Suspect; he lives in and works in London, has a gorgeous wife and daughter and a larger-than-life surgeon father nicknamed ‘God’s physician-in waiting’.

Joe is in his early forties when he first develops symptoms of Parkinson’s. He refuses to acknowledge it initially, but over time it is impossible not to.

The descriptions of Joe and his PD are brilliant – how he knows immediately in the mornings whether or not it will be a good day, and that he has to be careful of his blank PD face appearing to stare at people, the fear of losing control. All of it will resonate with anyone with PD or living with someone with PD.

Even better, they are marvellous books. Great characters, clever plotting and addictive reading.

Author: RedlightsontheBrain

Redlightsonthebrain is written by Catherine Hamilton, a retired doctor on behalf of Light Ahead Inc, a Tasmanian-based not-for-profit organisation. Light Ahead Inc aims to help people to learn about neurogenerative diseases and the practical, safe and scientifically-based things that may be able to help. Part of this is to provide low-cost access to red light devices, hence the DIY instructions on this blog. All sales of the Coronet red light device support the work of Light Ahead Inc.

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