There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza…

I’ve just updated the page on the evolution of the Eliza light hats. Now that it is public knowledge that Max was asked to be the first guinea pig, I can be a little more open with information and photos.

Over the first 12 months of Max’s use of light hats, I made him five different versions. I’m not sure he has ever had so much headwear!



Author: RedlightsontheBrain

Redlightsonthebrain is written by Catherine Hamilton, a retired doctor on behalf of Light Ahead Inc, a Tasmanian-based not-for-profit organisation. Light Ahead Inc aims to help people to learn about neurogenerative diseases and the practical, safe and scientifically-based things that may be able to help. Part of this is to provide low-cost access to red light devices, hence the DIY instructions on this blog. All sales of the Coronet red light device support the work of Light Ahead Inc.

4 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza…”

  1. Thank you for your latest posts. We are building a bucket this weekend for my husband Brian. Your instructions are very helpful but we are still having trouble sourcing the 670 LED light strips. Most all the ones I’ve found don’t list the wavelength. Any suggestions? Also how would we get the infrared strips? We’d like to give that a go too! All the best. Beth and Brian


    1. I wrote a post on this recently. I’m also having troubles sourcing 670nm LED and have resorted to going onto eBay and looking at all the red LED strips and trying to figure out which is the darkest red. They don’t give you the wavelength, alas, but to get started it is fine to use a basic red LED strip. Just aim for a deep dark luscious red. Try to avoid the more orange-tinged reds. When I finally can find a decent 670nm source, I’ll post the details.


      1. Hello Dr Hamilton,
        Beth and Brian again! Dr Mitrofanis has given us a website to look for the light strips, l which I will do shortly. We still have some questions about making the two wavelength hat. Should we be doing this? In the interest of consistency for the research being gathered should we be buying the materials for your team to make it? If we do attempt it, are you putting both wavelengths on the same switch, so it automatically switches between 670 and 810 or do you manually switch between them? How long is each wavelength on for? ( 15min then 15 minutes or six alternating 5min intervals? I think you said that Max was doing 30 minutes twice a day? We would love to have a little chat over the phone if at all possible. Beth’s mobile (0414 490 217) is the best if you are able to call, or we are very happy to call you if you prefer. Thank you so much for your help, we are very keen to get going!!


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