Bouncing email addresses

I love hearing from readers and I reply to all queries that come through the blog.

It is frustrating when my response bounces back because the email address typed into the contact form isn’t quite correct. It happened again this morning.

If you’ve not heard back from me, can you try again, and please double-check your email address…

Author: RedlightsontheBrain

Redlightsonthebrain is written by Catherine Hamilton, a retired doctor on behalf of Light Ahead Inc, a Tasmanian-based not-for-profit organisation. Light Ahead Inc aims to help people to learn about neurogenerative diseases and the practical, safe and scientifically-based things that may be able to help. Part of this is to provide low-cost access to red light devices, hence the DIY instructions on this blog. All sales of the Coronet red light device support the work of Light Ahead Inc.

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