A new Eliza

This is a beautifully made Eliza and beats any of my efforts. I am very taken with the pouring lip on the bucket and the way this space has been cleverly used to store the electrical bibs and bobs.

This Eliza has two wavelengths, and has a switch to flick from one to the other. Very very nicely made.

Many thanks to the maker and Eliza-owner for letting me post these great photos.

The two wavelengths have been squeezed into every available space.

The pouring lip has been cleverly usedOn the red wavelength. Beautiful colour!

And the near-infrared wavelength. You can only just see it as it is on the edge of visible light. But it will be felt!

Author: redlightsonthebrain

Redlightsonthebrain is a retired doctor curious about the brain.

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