Multi-purpose Eliza

Red light helps reduce painful joints.

The couple who made the first light hat from the blog instructions (more) reminded me that an Eliza (or in their case, a Daffodil) is more than just an item for use on the head.

Sore knees – put your feet up on the sofa, bring your heel towards your bottom and put your foot in a place that affords a comfortable bend to your knee. Then perch the Eliza on the top of your bended knee and let the light shine around the knee.

Sore toes and bunions – again, put your feet up on the bed or sofa, but this time perch the Eliza light hat over your offending foot.

Sore wrists and fingers – sit wherever you like, but put your hand in the bucket and let the red light shine on your hand.

If you use the red lights daily on sore parts of your anatomy, you will most likely find that the pain levels starts to recede. It’s the daily use that makes it work, so persist with it. Why put up with pain, if there is a way to reduce it without the use of medication.

This whole red light adventure started with a very painful and arthritic knee (more). I still use the lights daily on that knee. It is not acting like an arthritic knee, and I have long ceased using pain medication.


The Beginning

Constant knee pain makes it hard to be active, so in mid 2015, I did a lot of sitting and reading. One of the books was Norman Doidge’s The Brain’s Way of Healing.

Chapter 4 covered the effect of red and near infrared light on the brain and spinal cord, and there were some remarkable stories told. In passing, Doidge mentioned the positive effect of red and near infrared light on arthritic joints and damaged tendons.

I went hunting on Google Scholar and found some medical journal articles that Continue reading “The Beginning”