DIY red light hat

You can make your own one-wavelength transcranial light hat at home. The story of how it all came to be is here.

These light hat instructions produce a rustic light device. It will not receive any compliments, but it works.

It is a low-cost way to get red and near infrared light onto your head. And if I can make it, anyone can.

DIY Eliza

What you will need. Click here.

Instructions for making a one-wavelength Eliza. Click here.

DIY Cossack

Instructions for the Cossack. Click here.

More Cossack photos. Click here.

If you have queries, check out the FAQ page.

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  1. I am quite unable to make this myself – do u know what kind of person cd make this for me? Or is there someone you may know who i could employ to make them for me ? I live in neutral bay, sydney. My phone is 0451 952693. Wd b thrilled and grateful for any help. Thank you in eager anticipation. Roz

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