DIY Light Hat #3 – making holes

  1. Mark the bottom of the bucket. The larger dots around the perimeter will be ventilation holes, and the smaller dots (in the circles) to connect to a head piece inside the bucket. Eliza 3 holes 1

  2. Find a robust kitchen knife with a sharp pointed blade and start making the holes.I used to drill them, but I’ve found it is just as easy to carve the holes out with a knife.I hold the knife at right angles to the plastic and twist back and forth with pressure. The quality of the plastic of the buckets I’m using is not very good so it is very easy to split the plastic.The rotating movement reduces the splitting. But even if the plastic does split a bit, don’t worry – this is not a work of art and perfection is not the aim.Eliza 3 holes 2

You’ll need to turn the bucket over and work from the bottom as well as the top to get the holes through. Keep that knife rotating. 

If you have a very thick plastic bucket, use the drill to start the holes. You will still use a knife to adjust the size and clean up the edges. 

What you need to make an Eliza bucket light hat:

Click here. 

To come:

Instructions for making a one wavelength Eliza, a bucket red light hat are underway. They will be published as a document rather than as blog posts.


Author: redlightsonthebrain

Redlightsonthebrain is a retired doctor curious about the brain.

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